December 12, 2018 | Mikey and Amy Whitcomb
Wondering if you should list your home in the Winter?
Here are a few reasons why it IS a good idea:
Fewer Showings – Yes there are fewer buyers, but those buyers that are looking to buy are usually very serious about making a purchase.
Less Competition – Don’t compete with the seasonal seller! Many people wait until spring and summer to list their home, which means during the winter you will have far less competition than at any other time of year.
More Focus on Home – During the winter months buyers make buying decisions with less emphasis on the yard/land than in the spring and summer months.
January is the BIGGEST job Transfer Month – Did you know that more corporate moves happen during January than at any other time of year? This may be a great reason to list your home during winter.
More Attention – Your agent will be able to devote more specialized attention to marketing your home and focus on your specific needs.
Interest Rates – Today’s rates are STILL at 40 year lows. This gives buyers more spending power!


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